Nonprofit Security Grant Program

The Non-Profit Security Grant (NSGP)  provides funding support for target hardening and other physical security enhancements and activities to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of terrorist attack. The intent is to integrate no​nprofit prevention and preparedness activities with broader state and local efforts. It is also designed to promote coordination and collaboration in emergency preparedness activities among public and private community representatives, as well as state and local government agencies.

Please refer to the documents on the right to help in gathering information that will be needed to complete an application.  

All applicants must supply an organizational Mission Statement, a Vulnerability Assessment, and an Investment Justification (form not yet available). ​

​Documents and Guidance

Visit FEMA's NSGP site for more information.

​The Investment Justification will require information about the Applicant Organization including: 
    • Legal Name
    • Physical Address
    • Year of Original Facility Construction 
    • Year the Organization began operating from the Facility
    • Other Organizations in the Facility
    • Organization's Affiliation
    • 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Designation (if applicable)
    • Unique Entity Identifier (obtained via the System for Award Management website - 
    • Facility Hardening activities, including planning, equipment, training, and exercises
    • Project Management Team
​If you intend to apply for the 2024 Non-Profit Security Grant, please send an email noting your intent to so we can support your application process.  

Page update January 4, 2023​