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  • ​​WVEMD does not have access to law enforcement records. To obtain law enforcement records, please contact the county or jurisdiction where the incident occurred.  
  • WVEMD does not receive 911 calls or have access to 911 call records. If you need information regarding a 911 call, please contact the county or jurisdiction where the call was placed.  

Staff Listing

GE McCabe, Director

Matthew Blackwood, Deputy Director

Patrick Arneault, REP Local Coordinator

Timothy Baisden, Telecommunicator

Milisa Ball, Asset Fleet Manager

Ginger Barnett, Chief, Mitigation/Recovery

Austin Bayless, Grants Specialist - Public Assistance

Lirerose Beach, Accounting Technician

Elizabeth Belcher, Public Assistance Grant Specialist

Charles Bennett, State Exercise Officer/State NIMS Coordinator

Angel Bowman, 911 Telecommunicator.

Lonnie Bryson, Chief, Preparedness and Response

Brent Burger, Training / Exercise / SAR Coordinator

Stephanie Carte, Public Assistance Lead Closeout Specialist

Vicki Chandler, Executive Assistant

Kevin Cook, Preparedness Grants Specialist

Jeff Cunningham, Training / SAR Officer

John Davis, SIRN Technician

Tony Domingo, Assistant Section Chief, Preparedness and Response

Shawn Dunbrack, Region 4 Liaison Officer/EMAC A-Team

Karl Dust, Information Systems Coordinator I

RC Faulk, Assistant SWIC / SIRN

Christian Fernley, SAR/RRT

Bruce Fittro, IFLOWS Technician

Heather Fittro, Hazardous Materials Program Specialist / SERC

Kaley Fittro, Part-time clerical staff

Richard Floyd, SIRN Technician

Glen Foster, Warehouse/Facilities/Equipment Maintenance

Andrew Frazier, Telecommunicator

Adam Gianato, SIRN Technician

Darren Gore, Warehouse/Facilities/Equipment Maintenance

Sanford Green, Region 3 Liaison Officer /EMAC Coordinator/EMAC A-Team

Matthew Gregg, Region 6 Liaison Officer/EMAC A-Team

Brent Hamlin, Watch Center Supervisor

Brad Hartley, Assistant Section Chief, Mission Support

Dale Hatfield, Mitigation Project Officer

Gregg Hendry, SIRN/IFLOWS Program Administrator

Ben Hersman, Region 1 Liaison Officer/EMAC A-Team

David Hoge, Chief, Grants /SAA

Eric Holstine, Information Systems Coordinator II

Tim Keaton, NFIP Coordinator

Fred Kinder, SIRN Technician

Joshua Kirwan, Grants Specialist - Public Assistance

Jimmie Linville, Warehouse Manager

Lora Lipscomb, Public Information Officer  

Jason Lively, REP Program Manager / EMAC A-Team

Marilyn Lynch, Public Assistance Project Specialist

Ruthie Maniscalchi, CTP Project Officer

Tabetha Marcum, Public Assistance Lead Closeout Specialist

Douglas McClung, Chief Financial Officer

Dustyn McConnell, SWIC / SIRN

Jason Means, State Public Assistance Officer / Program Manager

Jeff Messinger, SIRN Technician

Cameron Moore, Grants Specialist

Xzavier Morgan, Project Officer

Jeremiah Nelson, SIRN Technician

Jody Null

Melissa Oliver, Accounting Technician

Kyle Pajarito, Grants Specialist - Public Assistance

Lisa Paxton, Grants Manager

Amberlea Perks, Hazard Mitigation Project Officer

Jeffery Perry, Chief, Mission Support

David Phillips, Geographic Information System (GIS) Technician

Jack Price, Telecommunicator

Gabriel Reed, State hazard mitigation officer

Nicholas Rhodes, Preparedness Grants Specialist

David Saffel, SIRN Frequency Coordinator

Gregory Sluss, SIRN Technician

Mark B Smith, SIRN Networking Coordinator

Kevin Sneed, IFLOWS

Tammy Sneed, Project Officer

Emilee Spangler, Safe Schools Coordinator

Ellen Sparks, Procurement Specialist

Ehrin Starcher, Individual Assistance Coordinator

Betty Taylor-Kent, Telecommunicator

Melanie Thomas, Human Resource Associate

Nuvia Villamizar, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  Manager

Danny Walters, Telecommunicator

Hannah Walters, Telecommunicator

Leona Wehrle, Office Assistant

Al Whitaker, Lead Planning Officer

Theresa White, Region 5 Liaison Officer/EMAC A-Team

Bill Wood, SIRN Technician

Mailing address:

West Virginia Energency Management Division
1700 MacCorkle Avenue SE
6th Floor
Charleston, WV 25314

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