Watch Center

​NOTICE: WVEMD does NOT receive 911 calls or have access to 911 call records. If you need information regarding a 911 call, please contact the county or jurisdiction where the call was placed.

​​​The West Virginia Emergency Management Division's (WVEMD) Watch Center is the 24/7 communications hub for emergency management in West Virginia.

A significant responsibility is the Watch Center’s continuous monitoring of weather patterns and other events that could potentially impact West Virginia. This approach allows for timely response and preparation, contributing to the state's overall resilience in the face of unforeseen challenges.

In addition, the Watch Center plays a pivotal role in upholding the safety standards outlined in West Virginia Code. Among other critical hotlines, it operates the Mine and Industrial Accident Rapid Response​ Call Center, providing crucial support for mine rescue operations in alignment with statutory requirements. 

To enhance efficiency and streamline emergency response, the Watch Center consolidates the receiving of calls for various vital services, including the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, the State Fire Marshal’s Arson Hot Line and Tip Line, the Safe Schools Helpline, the West Virginia Drug Tip Line, Workplace Safety Tip Line, Infrastructure Safety Tip Line, West Virginia Public Service Commission​ hotline and more. This centralized approach ensures a coordinated and swift response to a wide array of situations, reinforcing the Watch Center's role as a cornerstone in West Virginia's emergency management infrastructure.


MIARRS ​866-987-2338

ARSON 800-233-3473

DEP 800-642-3074

Safe Schools Helpline 866-723-3982

Public Service Commission Ho​tline​ 304-414-3151

WV Drug Tip Line 833-905-DRUG (3784)

SIRN Infrastructure Reporting​ 1-866-76-Radio

NRC 800-424-8802

Workplace Safety 866-808-0875

WV Fusion Center 866-989-2824

Federal Mine Safety and Health 800-746-1553

Disaster Distress Helpline 800-985-5990​

​Page update: January 25, 2024​​