Grants Monitoring

In October 2018, EMD established a Monitoring Section by hiring a Chief Monitor and Monitoring Coordinator. Creating the Monitoring Section helps WVEM better assist subgrantees throughout the state with meeting grant requirements and finishing projects on time.
For more information, please contact Niki McGrew.
Monitoring requirements as listed in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 2, Subtitle A, Chapter 2, Part 200 are as follows:
Monitor the activities of the subrecipient as necessary to ensure that the subaward is used for authorized purposes, in compliance with Federal statutes, regulations, and the terms and conditions of the subaward; and that su​baward performance goals are achieved. Pass-through entity monitoring of the subrecipient must include:
(1) Reviewing financial and performance reports required by the pass-through entity.
(2) Following-up and ensuring that the subrecipient takes timely and appropriate action on all deficiencies pertaining to the Federal award provided to the subrecipient from the passthrough entity detected through audits, on-site reviews, and other means.
(3) Issuing a management decision for audit findings pertaining to the Federal award provided to the subrecipient from the pass-through entity as required by §200.521 Management decision.
(e) Depending upon the pass-through entity’s assessment of risk posed by the subrecipient (as described in paragraph (b) of this section), the following monitoring tools may be useful for the pass-through entity to ensure proper accountability and compliance with program requirements and achievement of performance goals:
(1) Providing subrecipients with training and technical assistance on program-related matters; and
(2) Performing on-site reviews of the subrecipient’s program operations;
(3) Arranging for agreed-upon-procedures engagements as described in §200.425 Audit services. Verify that every subrecipient is audited as required by Subpart F—Audit Requirements of this part when it is expected that the subrecipient’s Federal awards expended during the respective fiscal year equaled or exceeded the threshold set forth in §200.501 Audit requirements.
(g) Consider whether the results of the subrecipient’s audits, on-site reviews, or other monitoring indicate conditions that necessitate adjustments to the pass-through entity’s own records.
(h) Consider taking enforcement action against noncompliant subrecipients as described in § 200.338 Remedies for noncompliance of this part and in program regulations.
[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75885, Dec. 19, 2014; 80 FR 54409]