Gov. Declares Winter Weather Awareness Week


​WV_WWAW_2023.pngWest Virginia's 2023 Winter Weather Awareness Week Set for November 13-17​

CHARLESTON, WV – West Virginia residents are encouraged to prepare for the winter season as Gov. Jim Justice and the West Virginia Emergency Management Division (WVEMD), in collaboration with the NOAA/National Weather Service (NWS), announce West Virginia's Winter Weather Awareness Week, taking place from November 13 to 17, 2023.

Read Gov. Justice's proclamation

WVEMD Winter Weather Preparedness

In his proclamation, Justice recognizes that the risk to life and property during winter weather can be greatly reduced if West Virginians take appropriate preparedness measures before, during and after winter weather strikes.

"Winter Weather Awareness Week reminds us to prepare for the challenges of the season," said Justice. β€œIn West Virginia, being weather-ready isn't just a choice; it's a necessity for the safety and well-being of our communities."

This annual event aims to educate and inform West Virginians about the potential hazards of winter weather in the Mountain State and the importance of being well-prepared for the challenges that the season can bring. The week-long campaign will feature a variety of initiatives and resources designed to promote winter weather safety, including:

1. Public Awareness Campaign: WVEMD, NWS, and ReadyWV will launch a public awareness campaign through social media to provide crucial information on winter safety and preparedness.

2. Educational Resources: Citizens will have access to a wealth of educational resources, such as infographics and winter safety guides available on WVEMD's Winter Weather website.

3. Winter Weather Spotter Class: The Charleston Office of the National Weather Service will conduct a workshop to share insights into winter weather forecasting, the science of winter storms, and practical tips for staying safe. Sign up!

4. Emergency Preparedness: West Virginians will be encouraged to assemble emergency kits, develop family communication plans, and take other steps to ensure readiness for winter-related emergencies.

5. Severe Weather Alerts: The NWS will provide updates on alerts regarding winter storms, making it easier for residents to stay informed and make safe decisions. During Winter Weather Awareness Week, residents are urged to familiarize themselves with winter weather terminology, prepare their homes and vehicles for cold conditions, and stay vigilant about the potential hazards associated with ice, snow, and frigid temperatures.

WVEMD Director GE McCabe expressed the importance of readiness: "Winter Weather Awareness Week is a critical opportunity for West Virginians to become informed, prepared, and resilient in the face of winter's challenges. By working with our partners at the NWS in Charleston, we hope to equip our citizens with the knowledge and tools they need to stay safe during the upcoming winter season."

Jamie Bielinski, Meteorologist-in-Charge at NWS Charleston, added, "We are committed to providing the most accurate and timely information regarding winter weather to help West Virginians make informed decisions and protect their families. Our collaboration with WVEMD is essential in this effort."

Visit WVEMD's Winter Weather Preparedness for further information, including educational materials and winter preparedness guidelines.

Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #WVwx. Follow WVEMD on Facebook, X, and Instagram, and ReadyWV for preparedness tips. Keep up with all the latest news on winter weather by following your West Virginia Office of the NWS and bookmarking their winter weather page.


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