West Virginia Public Water Supply Study Commission

Mission of the Commission
A review and assessment of the effectiveness and the quality of information contained in updated source water protection plans required for certain public water systems by the provisions of section nine-c, article one, chapter sixteen of this code;
A review and assessment of the effectiveness of legislation enacted during the 2014 Regular Session of the West Virginia Legislature, as it pertains to assisting public water systems in identifying and reacting or responding to identified potential sources of significant contamination, and increasing public awareness and public participation in the emergency planning and response process;
The extent of available financing and funding alternatives which are available to existing public water systems to pursue projects which are designed to create alternate sources of supply or increased stability of supply in the event of a spill, release or contamination event which impairs the water system’s primary source of supply A review and consideration of the recommendations of the U. S. Chemical Safety and Hazard and Investigation Board after its investigation of the Bayer Crop Science incident of 2008; and
Any recommendations or suggestions the study commission may offer to improve the infrastructure of existing public water systems, to provide safe and reliable sources of supplies, and to pursue other measures designed to protect the integrity of public water service.
December 2014 Report of the Water Commission.pdfDecember 2014 Report of the Water Commission.pdf