Exercises and Drills


Federal law requires jurisdictions around nuclear power plants to conduct regular drills and exercises in accordance with established procedures and evaluation methods. The State of West Virginia conducts biennial FEMA evaluated exercises for the plume phase (last exercise June 2024) and octennial FEMA evaluated exercises for ingestion pathway considerations (last exercise August 2010). The State also participates in annual medical services drills for nuclear power plants and regular communications drills. Finally, FEMA requires an annual letter of certification detailing activities in the REP program, ongoing issues, and changes.

Schedule of FEMA Evaluated Exercises

BVPS Plume Exercise June 11, 2024

BVPS Ingestion Exercise March 11-15, 2019

Medical Services Exercise (MS-1) at Weirton Medical Center - April 10, 2019

BVPS Plume Exercise - June 9, 2020


FEMA Final Evaluation Plume 2010.pdfFEMA Final Evaluation Ingestion 2010.pdf

FEMA Final Evaluation Ingestion 2010.pdfFEMA Final Evaluation Plume 2010.pdf

FEMA Final Evaluation Weirton MS1 2011.pdfFEMA Final Evaluation Weirton MS1 2011.pdf

FEMA Final Evaluation Plume 2012.pdfFEMA Final Evaluation Plume 2012.pdf

FEMA Final Evaluation Weirton MS1 2013.pdfFEMA Final Evaluation Weirton MS1 2013.pdf

FEMA Final Evaluation Plume 2014.pdfFEMA Final Evaluation Plume 2014.pdf

FEMA Final Evaluation Weirton MS1 2015.pdf

WV Abridged AAR Final 2016.pdf​