Homeland Security

​​​West Virginia Emergency Management Division
The West Virginia Emergency Management Division has the overall responsibility for prevention, planning, responding to and recovering from all major events, both man-made and natural. It is responsible for coordinating with other federal, state, local private and volunteer partners to assist the citizens of West Virginia during disasters. 
The West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center is a partnership between public and private entities. Through the cooperation of local, state, and federal law enforcement, public safety agencies, and the private sector, the fusion center is able to better protect the citizens of the United States against all hazards. This is accomplished by aggressively facilitating the collection and compilation of all credible information and, through professional analysis of collected information and open-source documents, producing reliable and credible intelligence.
The mission of the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center is to anticipate, identify, prevent, and monitor criminal activity and all other hazards and to responsibly distribute that intelligence to its stakeholders while both protecting the rights of citizens and guarding the rights and integrity of law enforcement and private industry.
Internal Revenue Service Scams target Americans by impersonating IRS revenue officers who threaten victims with arrest and frozen assets if money is not paid immediately and are prevalent during tax season. At this time, the West Virginia Intelligence/Fusion Center has no specific information indicating any tax scam campaigns targeting the State of West Virginia or its citizens; however, all should be aware of various ways used in attempts to defraud citizens.

What would you do in a Bomb-Threat Situation?