Freedom of Information Requests

​NOTICE: WVEMD DOES NOT receive 911 calls or have access to 911 call records. If you need information regarding a 911 call, please contact the county or jurisdiction where the call was placed.   

WVEM Freedom of Information Act Request
It is the policy of the West Virginia Division of Emergency Management (WVEM) to implement the FOIA uniformly and consistently and to provide maximum allowable disclosure of agency records upon request by any individual.
All requests for information from the Division, must e via the FOIA process and submitted in writing via mail, fax, or email. Upon receipt of a request satisfying the requirements of the FOIA, records may be disclosed unless they are protected by one or more of the FOIA exemptions or exclusions in §29B-1-4  and are not appropriate for discretionary disclosure under any other Federal or State Law. Requests will be processed within the time limits defined by the FOIA. 
The Director of WVEMD is the official custodian of records for the Division. Persons may make official requests for records available under FOIA from the Division Emergency Management by:
  • Requesting with reasonable specificity the information being sought to help locate the information you are seeking.
  • Indicating whether you are requesting copies or an in-person inspection of records.*
    *Note: West Virginia State law allows for the charging of reasonable fees to cover copying costs.
  • WVEMD DOES NOT receive 911 calls, have access to 911 recordings or transcripts of 911 calls. If you need information regarding a 911 call, please contact the county or jurisdiction where the call was placed.
Submitting a written request:

Custodian of Records
West Virginia Division of Emergency Management
2403 Fairlawn Avenue
Dunbar, WV 25064

Or by email.

Upon receipt of a FOIA request, WVEMD will respond in one of the following ways:

(1) Furnish copies of the requested information;

(2) Advise the person making the request of the time and place at which he or she may inspect and copy the materials; or
(3) Deny the request stating in writing the reasons for such denial. A denial shall indicate that the responsibility of the custodian of any public records or public body to produce the requested records or documents is at an end, and shall afford the person requesting them the opportunity to institute proceedings for injunctive or declaratory relief in the circuit court in the county where the public record is kept.   ​