WVEMD is Hiring!


​​Careers that make a difference

The West Virginia Emergency Management Division (WVEMD) seeks exceptional men and women to join our team and help the agency manage disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery efforts throughout the state by coordinating with all responsible government agencies.

The division contains multiple branches that work seamlessly together to achieve WVEMD's overall mission. In addition to these branches and the Watch Center, which is staffed 24/7, the division operates the State’s Emergency Operations Center when the Governor orders an activation.

During activation, WVEMD coordinates resources and support as requested by local emergency management agencies who administer direct assistance to citizens.

All applicants must pass a criminal background screening and submit a West Virginia 
​Division of Personnel Application.

WVEMD is seeking candidates for the following positions:


This is responsible administrative support work in the Public Assistance Grants Program in the Emergency Management Division. Performs complex administrative support duties relating to grant program reporting, fiscal/program management records reconciliation and subgrant application processing. Assists the public assistance grants manager in the collection and analysis of statistical data for grant program and subgrantee performance review.

Full time, ​Kanawha County

Salary:     $28,000 - $34,000​


This position prepares and reviews grant applications and ensures regulations are followed. Assists disaster grant applicants with program delivery through FEMA's web-based portal. Reviews vendor invoices and reimbursement requests, prepares final grants award packages, negotiates terms and conditions of grants awards including project plans and cost estimates.

Monitors post-award compliance with contract procurement, environmental, historic preservation, and insurance requirements and scope of work changes. Performs related work as required. 

​Full-time, Kanawha County.

​​​Salary:                    $44,000.00 - $56,000.00


This position performs accounting and administrative support work in the Finance and Administration section. Duties include the maintenance of accounts, ledgers, journals, financial records, reconciliation and preparation of various financial statements and documents, processing payroll data and the preparation of standard financial reports. Requires familiarity with the State financial management system (WVOASIS).​ See directions below to apply.

​Full time, Kanawha County.

Salary: $27,000.00 - $31,000.00


DUTIES: Performs specialized communications work involving the receipt, analysis and reporting of information and notifications within the centralized Watch Center of the Emergency Management Division.

The Watch Center is staffed 24/7/365. Monitors emergency/tip-lines, radio frequencies and various data collection systems in order to provide first-line, proactive awareness of on-going events. Receives and reviews time-critical information and notifications in order to provide early warning, response and recovery information and guidance. Work involves obtaining, analyzing, prioritizing, recording, and reporting incoming data and notifications and communicating relevant information to applicable individuals and organizations including federal, state, county and local agencies. ​​

Posting Number: EMD2100009

DUTIES: Under executive direction, manages an organized section providing administrative and support services in the highly complex and sensitive Infrastructure Protection and Public Safety Intelligence sections. Manages the delivery of services that address all hazards across all mission sets focusing on improving the state's capabilities and capacity to detect, prevent, respond and mitigate natural and man-made emergencies and disasters. Liaisons serve as this agency's senior field officials and engage with other federal, state, and local officials.

This position is full-time and operates in Region 6: Boone, Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, ​Mason, Mingo and Wayne counties and requires statewide travel. 

Salary: $38,000 - $46,000

Posting Number: EMD2100010​​

DUTIES: Manages the overall flood warning software platform​ to ensure data quality, correct display of data on the public website, technical support to the website. Performs network administration for the flood warning data collection network to ensure correct flow of data from the field to the ONERAIN servers. At the advanced level, troubleshoot, maintain, repair, install, program, and test all sensitive scientific sensors and data transmitters for meteorological stations, rain gauges and repeaters.

Statewide, full time.

Salary: $42,988.00 - $46,000.00

All applicants must complete and submit a West Virginia Division of Personnel Application.

Send West Virginia Division of Personnel Application to:

Melanie Thomas

WV Emergency Management Division

2403 Fairlawn Avenue

Dunbar, WV 25064

Please include posting number on application.

Contact Information

Melanie Thomas, Manager of Employee Engagement