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The West Virginia Emergency Management Division (WVEMD) seeks exceptional men and women to join our team and help the agency manage disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and reco​very efforts throughout the state by coordinating with all responsible government agencies.

The division contains multiple branches that work seamlessly together to achieve WVEMD's overall mission. In addition to these branches and the Watch Center, which is staffed 24/7, the division operates the State's Emergency Operations Center when the Governor orders an activation.

During activation, WVEMD coordinates resources and support as requested by local emergency management agencies who administer direct assistance to citizens.

All applicants must pass a criminal background screening and submit a West Virginia ​Division of Personnel Application

WVEMD is seeking candidates for the following positions: ​

​This position is EXEMPT.
Coordinates stakeholder meetings to collect information, review stakeholder comments, conduct after action reviews, and related activities. This would include the integration of all federal guidelines for the mitigation plan. Coordination with regional planning organizations on the development of standard hazards to evaluate. Develop standards for data collection to ensure appropriate content. Creates uniform template for plan development at state and local level. Develops schedule for updating and maintaining compliance with federal guidelines. Writes and edits WV State Hazard Mitigation plan to include the development of guidelines for writing local mitigation plans. Develops standard guidelines for compliance with CPG-101 and federal hazard mitigation plan requirements. ​
Conducts training on development of Hazard Mitigation plans for employees of the Emergency Management Division and other stakeholder agencies. Provides support to training and exercise programs. Provides training to local units of government related to the development of WV State Hazard Mitigation plans. Works with regional Planning and Development Councils, LEPCs, emergency management agencies, and other stakeholders on proper plan development techniques.

Salary: $38,000 - $48,000
Please include posting number EMD2400004 on application.

This position is EXEMPT.

Under general supervision, performs full-performance level technical and professional work in the design, planning, engineering, programming, installation, and maintenance of the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (SIRN) trunked P25radio system and IP/TDM microwave networks for use by municipal, county, state and federal public safety agencies and organizations. This is system and network planning and engineering work at the advanced level involving a broad range of network developme​nt, evaluation, implementation and operational issues. Performs the most advanced professional and technical work associated with bridging user requirements and other networks with the SIRN networks.

Designs and engineers circuits and IP schemes; provides oversight of the circuit paths, quality of services and bandwidth requirements. Assists Information Systems Specialist 3 and SIRN leadership to develop standards and strategic planning documents governing the SIRN networks infrastructure operations, security and directions. Assists in planning and specifying requirements for future hardware and software upgrades. Performs engineering design support work for connectivity with jurisdictions and third-party providers. Provides EMD leadership with regular and special reports on the operation and capabilities of the SIRN networks. May be required to work for extended periods of time under stressful conditions at any location in the state as a result of emergency situations or disaster events. Performs other work as assigned.

Salary:         $60,000 - $68,000

Please include posting number EMD2400002 on application.


​This position is EXEMPT.

Under general supervision, performs complex administrative and professional work in the development, implementation, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) in the Emergency Management Division, The HSGP supports state and local law enforcement, emergency responders, and non-profits in developing capabilities and resources for responding to terrorist attacks. Work requires the application of established protocols in sub-grant management, fiscal/program reporting, and records reconciliation. Requires regular communication with and provides consultative services and technical assistance to sub-grant applicants.

Ensures grant projects are consistent with the State Homeland Security Strategy related to terror threat priorities. Maintains grant tracking database and provides reports for decision making purposes. Interacts with Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) officials and state and local emergency management officials in HSGP program administration., grant applications reviews, funding levels and interpretation and application of grant guidelines. Limited travel is required. Performs related work as required.

Salary:         $58,000 - $66,000

Please include posting number EMD2400003 on application.


***This is a Classified-Exempt Position ***

Performs accounting technician and administrative support work in the Finance and Administration Section of the Emergency Management Division. Duties include the maintenance of accounts, ledgers, journals, funds records and related financial records; reconciliation and preparation of various financial statements and documents and the preparation of standard financial reports.

Performs a​dministrative support work in the areas of travel reimbursement, the preparation of adjusting accounting entries and providing needed documentation during audits. Will draw down federal grant funds from various programs and process grant reimbursement requests. Will prepare agency revenue deposits.

Work requires the use of personal computer and related business office automation software and spreadsheets in performing daily activities. Requires familiarity with the state financial management system (WVOASIS). Perform other duties as assigned.

Salary:         $30,000 - $38,000

Please include posting number EMD2400001 on application.


Responsible for maintaining the emergency operations plans, hazard mitigation plans, strategic plans, and other related planning documents and policies. This includes providing technical support related to reviewing, writing, and updating planning documents.

Reviews planning requirements for federal grants and develops a program to ensure that requirements are met. Develops new plans and related policies, procedures, and guidelines as stipulated in federal grant guidance. Provides technical planning support to other stakeholder agencies.

Salary:         $42,500 - $50,000

Please include posting number EMD2300040 on application.


Under general supervision, performs professional and technical work in the planning, development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of training programs for the Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) program in the Emergency Management Division.

Assists with the development of policies and procedures for the REP unit and interpretation thereof. Assists with the development and revision of the state REP plan. Coordinates planning work and exercises in disaster preparedness and emergency response training as part of the state REP plan. Interacts effectively with representatives of federal and state agencies and stakeholders to advance state and local capabilities for prevention, response and recovery related to radiological disaster emergencies.

Assists in facilitating nuclear power plant off-site emergency response training and evaluation of nuclear power plant off-site emergency response plans through training exercise preparation and execution.

May be required to work for extended periods of time under stressful conditions as a result of radiological emergencies. Performs other duties as assigned.

Salary:         $30,000 - $37,000

Please include posting number EMD2300034 on application. ​


This work involves the full span of technical duties in the programming, implementation, operation, repair and maintenance of the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network, and IP/TDM, UHF digital P25 trunked statewide radio network for the use of municipal, county, state and federal public safety agencies and organizations.

This is technical work at the full-performance level on the full range of UHF digital P25 trunked statewide radio and IP/TDM microwave radio network operational issues. Analyzes and resolves issues relating to connectivity between agencies, multiple locations and multiple platforms.

Effectively identifies and resolves network technical issues emanating from the SIRN network environment and user community. Analyzes and repairs various telecommunications equipment such as network switches, servers, routers, dispatch consoles, network alarm systems, communication tower lighting, base stations, microwave radios, backup systems and repeater network sites.

Programs radio networks client subscribers, microwave client circuits and radio frequency antenna combiners. May deal with network operations issues or situations of unusual difficulty where time and resource loss are critical and network recovery is of primary importance. Assists in testing, evaluation and installation of new hardware and software upgrades.

​Salary:         $43,000-$50,000

​Please include posting number EMD2300012 on application.


The technician works on a highly technical complex data and voice system, running over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. The technician performs installation and maintenance on the network equipment. This position requires advanced level training and experience in the technical specialty in IP networking equipment and technologies, broadband technologies and radio frequency operations.

These systems are very complex systems with integrated solutions between various platforms of operations and software, and require connectivity between various agencies (federal, state, county and local).

The technician works with various types o​f broadband connectivity, such as microwave, cellular, broadband internet, radio frequency, and T1 circuits for the transmission of information between the agencies and related equipment operating on the network. The technician utilizes diagnostic and monitoring equipment for troubleshooting issues within the WAN/LAN networks and various components of the system and network. The technician provides technical guidance and assistance to users.

Please include posting number EMD2300016 on application.

Salary:         $38,000-$46,000

​​​​All applicants must complete and submit a West Virginia Division of Personnel Application.

Send West Virginia Division of Personnel Application to:

Melanie Thomas​ 
WV Emergency Management Division 
1700 McCorkle Avenue, SE
6th Floor
Charleston, WV 25314

Please include posting number and job title on application. ​​

Please note: Applications of covered state employees mailed to DOP or completed via DOP's online method are not forwarded to the Emergency Management​ Division.​​​

Contact Information

Melanie Thomas, Manager of Employee Engagement at melanie.k.thomas@wv.gov