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The West Virginia Emergency Management Division (WVEMD) seeks exceptional men and women to join our team and help the agency manage disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and reco​very efforts throughout the state by coordinating with all responsible government agencies.

The division contains multiple branches that work seamle​ssly together to achieve WVEMD's overall mission. In addition to these branches and the Watch Center, which is staffed 24/7, the division operates the State's Emergency Operations Center when the Governor orders an activation.

During activation, WVEMD coordinates resources and support as requested by local emergency management agencies who administer direct assistance to citizens.

All applicants must pass a criminal background screening and submit a West Virginia ​Division of Personnel Application

WVEMD is seeking candidates for the following positions: ​


Under general supervision, this position will support federal and state emergency preparedness objectives and national security priorities by managing grants mainly funded through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. This position will oversee grant activities throughout the entire life cycle of the grant funding and will monitor and evaluate projects/grant applications, track financial expenditures, and ensure proper use of funds. This position is collaborative in nature, and the specialist will work extensively with both internal and external entities on a variety of issues. This position provides guidance to sub-grant applicants and ensures compliance with federal and state regulations and guidelines. The specialist will maintain documentation, prepare reports, conduct field visits, and other duties as needed to support the mission of the WV Emergency Management Division.

Salary:       $49,000.00 - $57,000.00 annually

Please include posting number EMD2400012 on application.


***EXEMPT POSITION*** This is professional work as a Grants Program Specialist in the Public Assistance Technical Assistance Program in the Division of Emergency Management (EMD). Provides technical assistance and guidance to sub-grantees on federal and state grants used for debris removal, emergency protective measures and the repair, restoration, reconstruction or replacement of public facilities or infrastructure damaged or destroyed in natural disasters. Monitors the progress of grant projects and ensures compliance with federal and state regulations and guidelines. Assists sub-grantees throughout the grant cycle including project scoping, project development, project review, project Implementation/monitoring and project closeout. Conducts field assistance visits, project site inspections and audits. Maintains spreadsheets and other financial documentation for assigned subgrants; prepares reports on grants delivery as required. Delivers technical assistance training to local government and community organization personnel. Performs other duties as assigned.

Salary:       $46,000.00 - $54,000.00 annually

Please include posting number EMD2400011 on application.​


This work involves the full span of technical duties in the programming, implementation, operation, repairand maintenance of the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network, and IP/TDM, UHF digital P25 trunked statewide radio network for the use of municipal, county, state and federal public safety agencies and organizations. This is technicalwork at the full-performance level on the full range of UHF digital P25 trunked statewide radio and IP/TDM microwaveradio network operational issues. Analyzes and resolves issues relating to connectivity between agencies, multiplelocations and multiple platforms. Effectively identifies and resolves network technical issues emanating from the SIRNnetwork environment and user community. Analyzes and repairs various telecommunications equipment such asnetwork switches, servers, routers, dispatch consoles, network alarm systems, communication tower lighting, basestations, microwave radios, backup systems and repeater network sites. Programs radio networks client subscribers,microwave client circuits and radio frequency antenna combiners. May deal with network operations issues orsituations of unusual difficulty where time and resource loss are critical and network recovery is of primary importance.Assists in testing, evaluation and installation of new hardware and software upgrades.

Salary:         $43,000- $50,000 annually 

Please include posting number EMD2400009 on application.


This position will develop, implement, and manage the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program to ensure that federalobjectives are achieved while looking out for state and national security interests. Candidates will maintain StateCybersecurity Plan, Cybersecurity Committee membership and Cybersecurity Committee Charter as required by federalguidelines. Ensure adequate focus on priorities and objectives from the federal grant guidance and complete grantrequired capabilities assessments. Develop and manage shared services contracts. Work with key stakeholders and subjectmatter experts to provide input in the development of state policies for sub-grants to state and local partners. Ensure stateand local sub-grantees maintain services and memberships as required by federal grant guidance, ensuring grantconditions and assurances are met. Support the completion and submission of the annual National Cybersecurity Review byall funded recipients to the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC). Monitor and report all activitiesrelated to the administration and management of the grant as required by federal guidance.

Salary:         $49,000- $58,000 annually 

Please include posting number EMD2400010 on application.


​These positions provide technical support to homeland security training and exercise programs. Facilitate the development, coordination, evaluation and process methodology for preparedness and response training and exercise programs.

This includes work related to developing standards and protocols related to the National Qualification System (NQS).

These positions conduct HSEEP Workshops and other exercise development courses. Conduct and facilitate preparedness and response exercises. This includes attending exercise planning meetings, reviewing exercise documentation, and providing necessary support during all phases of exercise development.

Attend training courses to maintain the knowledge of current trends and developments in homeland security and emergency planning/response training and exercise development. This includes professional development training. Generate policy/guidance on determining the ability and progress of NIMS implementation required by the National Preparedness System (NPS).

Salary:         $45,000 - $52,000 annually 

Please include posting number EMD2400008 on application.


Performs specialized communications work involving the receipt, analysis, and reporting of information and notifications within the centralized Watch Center of the Emergency Management Division. 

The watch center is staffed 24/7/365. 

Monitors emergency/tip-lines, radio frequencies, and various data collection systems in order to provide first-line, proactive awareness of ongoing events. Receives and reviews time-critical information and notifications in order to provide early warning, response and recovery information and guidance. Work involves obtaining, analyzing, prioritizing, recording, and reporting incoming data and notifications and communicating relevant information to applicable individuals and organizations including federal, state, county, and local agencies. Coordinates resources and communications regarding local, regional, and statewide incidents of interest in conjunction with municipalities, counties, emergency management agencies, military authorities and various departments to ensure timely implementation of Emergency Management plans, policy, and regulations. Operates a variety of telecommunication and electronic equipment including telephones, electronic communications, radio, satellite, law enforcement and other specialized networks, computer consoles and various early warning weather alert systems. Monitors, answers, and obtains relevant information from the Mine and Industrial Accident Rapid Response System, the Safe Schools Helpline, the DEP Spill Line, Mine and Industrial Safety Tip Line, State Fire Marshal Arson Hotline, the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Stations Initial Notification Line, the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Stations Gold Executive Conference Line, the National Warning System (NAWAS), the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (SIRN), and FEMA National Radio System High Frequency Radio Network. Monitor weather radar/watches/warnings/advisories and conduct statewide weather briefings with area weather services. Maintains situational awareness by monitoring local, state, and national events of interest to the state. Work is performed independently within established protocols and procedures under general supervision of a lead worker or the shift supervisor who reviews work in progress and periodic conferences. Employees in this position may be required to work for extended periods of time under stressful conditions as a result of emergency situations or disaster events. Performs other duties as assigned.

Salary: $28,000.00 - $34,000.00 annually

Please include posting number EMD2400013 on application.

Emergency Servi ces Specialist, Senior 

This is a specialized position working within the RiskMap, Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) Grant for updating mapping projects statewide. The RiskMap and CTP initiatives provide state-of-art spatial analysis and high-resolution mapping in support of higher standards of floodplain management and hazard mitigation. Plans and coordinates RiskMap/CTP program and rollout of RiskMap maps and data to communities, insurance agents, lending institutes and other partners. Develops and coordinates education and outreach programs to communities and other partners in order to expand the use and application of RiskMap/CTP technology. Assists in the development and execution of vendor applications for procurement of CTP technical services, completes quarterly reports and other aspects of grant management. Works with NFIP Coordinator to provide education and outreach statewide in the floodplain management program. Performs other duties as assigned.

Salary: $30,000.00 - $40,000.00 annually

Please include posting number EMD2400015 on application.


​​​​All applicants must complete and submit a West Virginia Division of Personnel Application.

Send West Virginia Division of Personnel Application to:

Melanie Thomas​ 
WV Emergency Management Division 
1700 McCorkle Avenue, SE
6th Floor
Charleston, WV 25314

Please include posting number and job title on application. ​​

Please note: Applications of covered state employees mailed to DOP or completed via DOP's online method are not forwarded to the Emergency Management​ Division.​​​

Contact Information

Melanie Thomas, Manager of Employee Engagement at melanie.k.thomas@wv.gov