Readiness Encouraged ahead of Tropical Storm


​WVEMD encourages readiness ahead of possible heavy rain in the eastern panhandle this weekend

Potential Tropical Storm 16 is predicted to bring heavy rain and winds along the east coast.

QPF_Tot_Fcst.pngCHARLESTON, WV — The West Virginia Emergency Management Division (WVEMD) is closely monitoring a tropical storm system that will track north across the North Carolina coast this evening. The outer bands of this system may affect the eastern portion of the state overnight tonight.

Although this storm is forecast to impact counties east of I-79, WVEMD encourages all West Virginians to take steps to prepare for the possibility of heavy rainfall, high winds, and isolated flooding. It's important for residents to be prepared and stay informed about the latest weather forecasts.

WVEMD recommends the following actions to prepare for any coming storm:

  1. Stay informed: Monitor local weather forecasts, your local office of the National Weather Service, and official social media or websites.
  2. Emergency kit: Take a moment to put together or check the supplies in your emergency kit. Be sure to include non-perishable foods, water, flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, and any necessary medications.
  3. Top off fuel: Try to have a full tank of gas before severe weather strikes. If there are power outages, it can be difficult to find a working gas station.
  4. Flood safety: Make sure you have a way to receive weather alerts. Know evacuation routes and follow instructions from emergency officials.
  5. Communication plan: Create a communication plan with friends and family to stay connected during and after the storm. Remember that in emergency situations, texting may be easier than calling if phone lines are congested.
  6. Stay off the roads: Avoid unnecessary travel during severe weather conditions. If you must travel, use added caution and never try to drive across flooded roadways.
  7. Check on neighbors: Look out for neighbors who may need help during the storm.

“As we prepare for any potential impacts from this storm, it's important to remember that preparedness today creates a safer tomorrow," said WVEMD Director GE McCabe. “By taking practical steps now, we increase our resilience and strengthen communities against the forces of nature."

WVEMD is committed to the safety and well-being of all West Virginians. By taking these precautionary measures, you can help safeguard your family and community from the potential impacts of severe weather. For information and resources related to severe weather preparedness, please follow us on social media @WVEMD, visit for additional advice. Visit your local office of the National Weather Service for the most current weather information.

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Lora D Lipscomb, Public Information Officer