Newest SIRN Tower Helps find Missing Child


SIRN.jpgCHARLESTON, WV - In a heartwarming turn of events, a missing child was found safe and sound in Wallace, Harrison County, thanks to the swift and coordinated efforts of local authorities and the communication capabilities of the newest Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (SIRN) site, which went online just last month.

The child went missing on August 10 in the Wallace community in Harrison County.  Following the report of their disappearance, law enforcement agencies initiated an immediate search operation, with a search party of first responders from eight to ten local, regional, and state agencies.

In an area with little to no cell coverage, members of the search party utilized handheld radios to communicate with each other and members of other search teams. Equipped with advanced communication technology, the Wallace site facilitated clear, real-time coordination between the various agencies involved in the search operation and played a pivotal role in finding the child.

West Virginia's Statewide Interoperability Coordinator Dustyn McConnell remarked, “Several years ago there was a plane crash close to this same location, and communications were extremely challenging. Thank you to all who worked to get this site online. Saving this child has made all our efforts worth it."

This happy ending serves as a testament to the power of technology and collaboration
in ensuring the safety and welfare of all West Virginians. 

Contact Information

Lora D Lipscomb, Public Information Officer