Governor, EMD Secure $17.8 Million for Pre-Disaster Mitigation Projects Statewide


​​West Virginia tops the nation in number of projects submitted for award.

CHARLESTON, WV — In a monumental step towards strengthening disaster resilience, the Governor's Office and the West Virginia Emergency Management Division (WVEMD) joined forces to secure a staggering $17.8 million in federal funding for 13 pre-disaster mitigation projects across the state.

This achievement demonstrates the commitment of the state's leadership to ensuring the safety and security of its residents while significantly bolstering the resilience of West Virginia's communities in the fac​e of natural disasters.

Through coordination with Justice's Office, the WVEMD Hazard Mitigation Team worked tirelessly to prepare and submit a record number of applications. West Virginia submitted the most projects of any state this year, showcasing its commitment to safeguarding the state's residents and resources.

“This is not only receiving federal funds; this is an investment in West Virginia's infrastructure and resiliency that will last for generations," said Justice. “These mitigation projects will safeguard our communities for years to come, ensuring a resilient and secure tomorrow."

The $17.8 million in grant funding is allocated to support projects submitted primarily by local jurisdictions as part of the grant application process. The diverse projects cover an array of hazard mitigation needs, including infrastructure enhancements, flood control measures, watershed management prevention initiatives, and more. These projects are strategically designed to reduce the impact of disasters and help communities recover more quickly when faced with unforeseen challenges.

"We're pleased to announce this significant funding for our hazard mitigation projects," said WVEMD Director GE McCabe. "West Virginia's ability to secure these resources demonstrates our unwavering dedication to enhancing our state's resilience."

These projects will not only benefit the communities directly involved but will also contribute to West Virginia's overall disaster preparedness and the safety of its residents. West Virginia is committed to proactive hazard mitigation, and the funding secured for these 13 projects is a major step towards achieving that goal.

Justice and WVEMD will continue to work diligently to implement these projects and further strengthen the state's strategic capacity to mitigate future disasters.

For more information on hazard mitigation or to inquire about available funding opportunities, please contact Gabriel Reed, State Hazard Mitigation Officer, at 304-558-5380 or

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