EMD joins railroad safety effort


​​Emergency Management Division joins railroad safety effort


Railroad safety effort aims to reduce deaths and injuries near tracks and trains

​CHARLESTON, W.Va.— The West Virginia Emergency Management Division is proud to join forces with law enforcement agencies across the U.S. for “Operation Clear Track," the nation's single largest rail safety initiative.

The goal of Operation Clear Track and Rail Safety Week is to raise awareness of the importance of making safe choices near railroad tracks and trains.

Coordinated by Amtrak Police and Operation Lifesaver Inc (OLI), Operation Clear Track aims to reduce the approximately 2,000 serious injuries and deaths each year in the U.S. around railroad tracks and trains.

The event is held during the annual observance of Rail Safety Week, which this year is Sept. 20-26 in North America.

“Safety awareness for those in vehicles or on foot at rail crossings is vital, but so is pedestrian safety on the tracks." said Dr. William Minear, chief of the EMD Response & Infrastructure Protection section. “Anything limiting a pedestrian's ability to hear an approaching train, like ear buds or headphones, can lead to a preventable tragedy."

“Operation Clear Track is an important annual initiative to help save lives and keep our communities safe," said Amtrak Chief of Police D. Samuel Dotson.

In the U.S., every three hours a vehicle or person is struck by a train," said Operation Lifesaver, Inc. Executive Director Rachel Maleh. “Together we can help stop track tragedies."

During “Operation Clear Track," and throughout Rail Safety Week, EMD will share rail safety messages on Facebook and Twitter pages, empowering communities to make safe choices around railroad tracks and train. West Virginians are encouraged to share the rail safety message this week and beyond, to #STOPTrackTragedies.

For more information about Rail Safety Week, Operation Clear Track, and other rail-safety initiatives and tips, please visit www.oli.org.   

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