DHSEM Liaison Officers Provide Stop the Bleed Training to Barbour County Schools


West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Provides Life-Saving Training
to Barbour County School Employees
CHARLESTON, WV With a serious injury, a person can bleed to death in less than five minutes – often before trained emergency responders can arrive. That’s why when David Strait from Broaddus Hospital asked for trainers, the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s Infrastructure Protection Liaison Officers answered the call.
This week, WVDHSEM Liaison Officers helped provide Stop the Bleed training to nearly 300 staff from the Barbour County School System.
“They’re here because they care about your kids. That’s why they’re here,” said David Strait when recognizing the trainers.  
The Barbour County Commission implemented the Stop the Bleed program in 2019, placing kits in every classroom and school bus within the Barbour County School System. With this training, staff members can provide care to prevent people from dying of blood loss. 
“As emergency management professionals, we focus on prevention and response,” said WVDHSEM Director Mike Todorovich. “Training sessions like this can help us equip larger numbers of people with life-saving skills.”
When not actively responding to an emergency or disaster, WVDHSEM Liaison Officers provide valuable training outreach to community stakeholders. Stop the Bleed is just one of several outreach programs the liaison cadre is available to instruct.
For more information about the Stop the Bleed initiative, please visit stopthebleed.org or bleedingcontrol.org.
If you would like to have a Stop the Bleed course for your agency or civic group please reach out to one of our Regional Liaisons or State Training Officer Shawn Dunbrack: shawn.d.dunbrack@wv.gov or 304-558-5380.
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For more information, contact the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Public Information Officer Lora D. Lipscomb at: (304) 558-5380 or email: lora.d.lipscomb@wv.gov.

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Lora Lipscomb, WVDHSEM Public Information Officer