2024 Flood Resiliency Week Proclaimed


​​2024 Flood Resiliency Week Proclaimed in West Virginia: Uniting Communities for Preparedness and Resilience

CHARLESTON, WV–In recognition of the significant impact of flooding on communities, infrastructure, and citizens, Governor Jim Justice has officially declared February 12 through 16, 2024, as Flood Resiliency Week in West Virginia. This proclamation underscores the state's commitment to fostering awareness, preparedness, and resilience against the risks associated with flooding.

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"Flooding has struck our communities too many times, leaving scars on our homes, businesses, and hearts," Governor Justice said. "This Flood Resiliency Week let's turn those scars into strength. Let's come together, neighbors helping neighbors, to build a wall of preparedness against ​future floods. By sharing knowledge, taking action, and uniting as West Virginians, we can weather any storm and emerge stronger than ever before."

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The proclamation emphasizes the responsibility of every citizen and community in emergency preparedness, urging West Virginians to collaborate in building flood resilience. It recognizes the imperative need to empower citizens with knowledge and resources to withstand and recover from flooding events effectively.

State Resiliency Officer Robert Martin expressed, "Building flood resiliency is an ongoing effort that requires the collective engagement of our communities. This week provides a platform to enhance public awareness and encourage proactive measures in preparing for potential flooding incidents."

The proclamation also acknowledges the collaborative efforts of agencies such as the National Weather Service, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), West Virginia State Resiliency Office, the West Virginia Emergency Management Division, West Virginia Ready, and West Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. These organizations are actively working to increase public awareness and educate individuals on flood preparedness.

"Flood Resiliency Week aligns with our commitment to creating safer and more resilient communities." emphasized WVEMD Director GE McCabe. “We encourage active participation from all West Virginians in developing mitigation and recovery plans and using their knowledge and skills to make positive changes locally."

All West Virginians are encouraged to participate in Flood Resiliency Week, actively engaging in activities that contribute to the development of community mitigation and recovery plans.

Together, we can create a more resilient society equipped to face the uncertainties brought by flooding events.

For more information and resources on flood resiliency, visit https://linktr.ee/floodresilienceweek  

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