Hazconnect (formerly Tier II Manager)

​​​​​​​​​Owners or operators of facilities with hazardous chemicals on hand in quantities equal to or greater than set threshold levels must submit Tier II forms between January 1 and March 1 for the previous calendar year. ​

​The purpose of the Tier II form is to provide state and local officials and the public with specific information on hazardous chemicals present at your facility during the previous calendar year. 

The West Virginia Emergency Management Division (WVEMD) requires all regulated facilities to submit (Tier II) information electronically by using  Hazconnect (formerly Tier II Manager), WVEMD's online filing system. Each facility's username is unique to its physical (9-1-1) address. 

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WVEMD also requires all 302 (EHS) and 311 (SDS) submissions be made through Hazconnect. DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPIES, AS HARD COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED AND WI​LL BE SHREDDED. 

Facility submission instructions are in the Hazconnect Sidebar Resources Section. The Sidebar button is a green question mark located on the right side of each Hazconnect screen. Facility submission instructions are also in the training video link (above). 

SITE PLAN (MAP) ATTACHMENTS: Site plans must meet minimum requirements. In Hazconnect, a site plan is a one-page diagram of where the Tier II chemicals are stored within the facility's site/location. An up-to-date site plan (map) can be attached in Step 5 of the reporting process.  

Facilities that reported previously may use their username and password information to access Hazconnect. Enter the Username and Password on the Login screen. The latest submitted report's information will be brought forward for Tier II annual report editing. 
Pay close attention to chemical and contact information as these are the two sections that most-often require editing. 

If you don't remember your username and password, please e-mail a request to SERC@wv.gov. Include the facility name and physical address in the request. 

Facilities that reported in previous years but are not subject to reporting for the current year should make the facility inactive in Hazconnect, under Change Facility Status or contact WVEMD at SERC@wv.gov.  

Facilities that didn't file in prior years but are subject to reporting for the current year should contact WVEMD at SERC@wv.gov for a new or reactivated state-issued username and password.

In order to set up a user profile, please include the facility name, physical address, city and zip code, as well as a facility representative's name, telephone number, and e-mail address. 

Facilities that have moved to a new location should contact WVEMD at SERC@wv.gov for a new state-issued username and password. DO NOT change the address assigned to your username.

In order for WVEMD to set up a new user profile, please include the facility name, physical address, city and zip code, as well as a facility representative's name, telephone number and e-mail address. Note in the e-mail that the facility relocated. 

After you have completed your annual Tier II submission, Hazconnect will send a notification to the LEPC and Fire Department based off the information you provided in your Annual Report.  


Hazconnect online submission program

Tier II Reporting Fees  

  • $25 Facility Fee (including the first 5 hazardous chemicals)
  • $10 each additional hazardous chemical
  • $50 per EHS
  • $25 for the first 35 Oil/Gas Facilities
  • $10 for each additional Oil/Gas Facility
  • $2,500 max fee per Facility


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