Course Coordination Process

‚ÄčThis page outlines the steps for requesting a course for local delivery through the EMD Training Office.

  • A Training Request Form must be completed for all courses and submitted to the Regional Liaison Officer and State Training Officer. Please submit the form at least 90 days prior to the requested date for the course to be held.
  • A Course Justification Form may be requested if the course is not in either the jurisdiction's or the EMD Training and Exercise Plan (TEP).  This form should be attached to the Training Request Form.

Coordination Roles

Local Course Manager/Host Role:

  • Complete and submit the Training Request Form to your regional liaison and the State Training Officer
  • Ensure the classroom you have chosen is available for the date(s) you have chosen.
  • Ensure the classroom is suitable for course you are hosting.  For example, the room holds the appropriate capacity and is equipped with audio/visual and wi-fi capabilities.
  • It shall be the local course manager / host agency's discretion to provide any hospitality, such as beverages and/or food.

Regional Liaison and State Training Officer Role:

  • Once the appropriate forms are received, the regional liaison will review the request along with the State Training Officer to validate the course request
  • Any questions about the request will be addressed with the local course manager / host agency.
  • The State Training Officer will contact the local course manager to complete course coordination.
  • The course will be created in CourseMill, an EMD flyer will be created to advertise the course, and the course will be added to the WVDHSEM Training and Exercise Calendar.
  • Prior to course delivery, the State Training Officer will send out an electronic link to course attendees to access student manuals and/or any additional course information.
  • The course roster and evaluations will be sent to the local course manager prior to course delivery.