WV TAP Odor Threshold Consumer Panel Results and Public Meeting Presentation Files Posted


Dr. Andrew Whelton, Assistant Professor
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL USA
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Email: ajwhelton@southalabama.edu

Jeffrey Rosen, President
Corona Environmental Consulting, LLC
Scituate, MA USA
T: (781) 544-3255
Email: jrosen@coronaenv.com

Scituate, MA, April 11, 2014—The Consumer Panel Crude MCHM Drinking Water Odor Threshold Study conducted by Dr. Michael J. McGuire, a WV TAP team member, has been posted on the WV TAP website. The file is available for download under the “TEST RESULTS” tab. The file is entitled Consumer Panel Estimates of the Odor Threshold Concentration, Odor Recognition Concentration and Odor Objection Concentration for Crude 4- methylcyclohexanemethanol in Water. A major finding is that “The estimated thresholds determined by the Consumer Panel study support observations in Charleston, WV that people recognized and objected to the licorice odor caused by CRUDE MCHM in their drinking water even in the presence of high concentrations of chlorine and even though the analytical reports
were showing non-detect at a minimum reporting level of 10 ppb.”

The public seminar presentations delivered by WV TAP team members on March 28 and April 1 have also been posted under the “TEST RESULTS” tab. All of the presentations for the March 28th session are included in the file “All March 28th Presentations.PDF”. The Preliminary results for the Health Effects Expert Panel are included in the file “TERA WVTAP Preliminary Panel Findings 4 1 14.PDF”.

Additional documents will be posted to the WV TAP website in the coming weeks. All files can be found at http://www.wvtapprogram.com.