REP Plans and Procedures

West Virginia Radiological Emergency Preparedness Plan
West Virginia Radiological Emergency Preparedness Plan-Basic Plan Issue 9 Revision 3
Annexes (All Issue 9 Revision 3, January 2019 unless noted)
Annex 1 Notification
Annex 2 Warning
Annex 3 Communication
Annex 4 Protective Actions
Annex 5 Evacuation
Annex 6 Relocation and Mass Care Shelters
Annex 7 Recovery Reentry Return Relocation
Annex 8 Monitoring Dose Projection
Annex 9 Public Information
Annex 10 Exercises and Drills
Annex 11 Training
Annex 12 Planning
Annex 13 Population Data
Annex 14 SOP for BVPS
Annex 15 Accident Assessment Plume Phase
Annex 15a Accident Assessment Post-Plume Phase Issue 9, Revision 0
Annex 17 BVPS Emergency Classifications and EALs
Annex 18 Beaver Valley Emergency Facilities
Annex 19 Agreements
Annex 20 Support Plans
Annex 21 Glossary
Annex 22 Acronyms
West Virginia Field Sampling Team-Standard Operating Procedures
(All Annexes Issue 9, Revision 3 unless otherwise noted)
Annex A Air
Annex B Milk
Annex C Water
Annex D Honey
Annex E Leafy Vegetation
Annex F Produce
Annex G Animal Feed and Grain
Annex H Eggs
Annex I Poultry and Poultry Products
Annex J Meat and Meat Products
Annex K Meat Game
Annex L Fish
Annex M Soil
Annex N Donning and Doffing PPE
Annex O Sample Screening Equipment List
Annex P Sampling Item Request Form
Annex Q Attachment 1 Sample Analysis Portion Size
Ohio Lab Form
West Virginia Sampling Team SOP Appendices
West Virginia Field Sampling Team SOP
West Virginia Field Team Center SOP
West Virginia Lab Sample Form
West Virginia Sample Reception Center SOP 2018

Plans and Procedures for Hancock County may be requested from Hancock County Office of Emergency Management

at 304-564-4040.