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Your business can become member of the Regional Business Emergency Operations Center

Is your business prepared to act in the event of an emergency? Find out how your business can practice preparedness, response and recovery in the face of man-made and natural disasters.

FEMA Region 3 invites private sector to become member of the Regional Business Emergency Operations Center (RBEOC).
  • In 2015, FEMA Region 3 formed its Regional Business Emergency Operations Center, or RBEOC, to formally enhance communication and engagement with the private sector and relevant public sector partners throughout the disaster lifecycle. This lifecycle includes pre-disaster preparedness, disaster response, and post-disaster recovery. 
  • The RBEOC operationalizes and integrates city, state, region, and national public sector counterparts with private sector stakeholders who are RBEOC members.  
  • Membership in the RBEOC is “virtual,” with coordination provided by the FEMA Region 3 private sector liaison. Participation is voluntary and open to all members of the private sector.  
  • During a disaster period, the RBEOC is activated upon the direction of regional leadership. The RBEOC works with the Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC) to track the status of key private sector resources for filling gaps and mobilizing resources that may be beyond the scope of the government. 
  • In addition, RBEOC members are also invited to annual events, such as in-person table-top exercises, and other avenues to stay engaged with the RBEOC community during steady-state operations within the emergency management lifecycle.  
  • You can find the RBEOC membership agreement attached to this email. This membership agreement includes the terms and conditions for participation in the RBEOC. Any questions should be directed to FEMA Region 3 Private Sector Liaison Melissa Wiehenstroer at

RBEOC Membership Agreement