New Updates to Terror Advisory System


In its’ ongoing mission to keep Americans safe, the Department of Homeland Security unveiled today a new update to the National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS).
The alert system, consisting of “elevated” (a warning of a credible terrorist threat) and “imminent” (a warning of a credible, specific and impending threat),  will now be adding a new form of advisory – the NTAS BULLETIN – to the already existing alerts.
The bulletin will be describing current developments, trends and ways to better keep Americans informed, prepared and vigilant to potential threats and attacks.
DHS is concerned about the threat of terrorists who can strike with little or no notice and these new bulletins are one more step in the US government’s counterterrorism efforts and the US publics’ preparedness.
Additional information on the currently released bulletin is available on our web site under “current” status at

15_1216_NTAS_bulletin.pdf15_1216_NTAS_bulletin.pdf   NTAS Bulletin Fact Sheet.pdfNTAS Bulletin Fact Sheet.pdf  NTAS FAQs.pdfNTAS FAQs.pdf

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