DHSEM Announces Joint Preliminary Damage Assessments


The West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management today announced that starting on Thursday, July 16, 2015 it will be conducting joint preliminary damage assessments with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in ten counties due to damages from the July 12-14, 2015 severe storms.

These preliminary damage assessments will record damages to personal property and infrastructure in Braxton, Clay, Lincoln, Logan, Mingo, Nicholas, Putnam, Roane, Webster, and Wood counties. Citizens, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses are encouraged to report damages to their county offices of emergency management.

For those needing to report damages, the local offices of emergency management are listed below and are on the DHSEM Important Contact Numbers webpage: http://www.dhsem.wv.gov/Important%20Contact%20Numbers/Pages/default.aspx.

​County ​Phone Number ​Fax Number
​Braxton ​304-765-7366 ​304-765-7368
​Clay ​304-587-4259 ​304-587-4202
​Lincoln ​304-824-3443 ​304-824-3342
​Logan ​304-752-0917 ​304-752-7661
​Mingo ​304-235-0895 ​304-235-0899
​Nicholas ​304-872-7892 ​304-872-7874
​Putnam ​304-586-0246 ​304-586-0255
​Roane ​304-927-0918 ​304-927-0915
​Webster ​304-847-2122 ​304-847-2120
​Wood ​304-420-0911 ​304-422-6270

Contact Information

Terrance Lively 304.558.5380